Thang Loi Co., Ltd would like to send our valued greetings, wishing you health, well-being and prosperity!

Established in 1998, Thang Loi Co., Ltd. has always been a leading foundry of Viet Nam in supplying products to the alloy steel casting industry with valuable years of experience, advanced technology, modern equipment, and professional services. With the throughout catchword "Win - Win", the great spirit of continuous innovation and improvement, Thang Loi Co., Ltd is a long-term supplier of many domestic and foreign businesses!

Equiped with a chain of modern production lines: Disamatic automatic molding line, Alphaset production line, Lost foam molding line,... and the production of 20,000 tons / year and total management according to ISO standards. Thang Loi Co., Ltd commits to meet the highest requirements for suppling heat-resistant steel products, wear-resistant and impact-resistant alloy steels, and cast iron and ductile iron for mining industry, cement plant, thermal power plant and precision factory. In addition, the investment in facilitizing laboratories with modern testing machines, specialized software according to ISO: 17025 standard, total Quality management according to ISO 9001:2015 is a top priority in company development strategy in order to improve product quality, build trust and respect of customers. Nowadays, our products are officially available in the entire Vietnam and gradually reach the larger market of Japan, Korea, the US, Canada and some European countries ...

The strong support and sustainable cooperation of the goodwill partners such as customers, suppliers along with the passion and continuous efforts of all employees, we completely believe Thang Loi Company Limited will be a reliable vendor of your company!

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Vico's Development Target

  • Achieving the production of 20.000 tons per year by 2030
  • Aflirming our brand in both domestic and international market.
  • Improving social benefits for our employees both physically and mentally and contributing to the overall development of the community


Vico's Development Strategy

Building Vico to become the leading foundry in manfacturing cast iron and steel products in Viet Nam by:

  • Applying modern equipment and advanced technology.
  • Utilizing professional human resources.
  • Applying overall management system according to ISO standards.
    •    Total quality management according to ISO 9001 : 2015.
    •    Advanced production and operations management, applying lean manufacturing tools and techniques.
  • Creating trust and respect with customers.

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