Thang Loi Company Limited, founded in 1998, specializes in alloy-steel casting products, heat-resistant alloy, wear-resistant alloy, and impact-resistant alloy as requested by domestic customers such as Hoa Phat Group, VICEM Tam Diep Cement Company, and Cam Pha Cement Joint Stock Company;... and exports our products to some discerning markets such as Japan, the United States, Canada,...

   Thang Loi Co,. Ltd accepts cast steel, alloy, chromium parts, details, and products using modern technologies such as Lost-foam technology, Alphaset, CO2, Disamatic Line, and others for the cement industry, mining industry, thermal power industry, and others.

    Product quality:- Quality meets the ISO 9001:2015 international standard

                                   - Customers can check our product before shipment.

     Delivery time: Fast delivery, as per agreement between the 2 parties.