5S is a method of improving the working environment and technical management that originated in Japan and was first implemented in Vietnam in 1993 with the goal of maintaining an organization's quality management environment organization, boost efficiency, boost profits, boost service, and boost worker safety

5S is the first letter of 5 Japanese words: Seiri (Screen), Seiton (Arrange), Seiso (Clean), Seiketsu (Care), and Shitsuke (Ready).

  • SERI (Screening): In essence, it is the process of reviewing, categorizing, selecting, and removing unnecessary items in the workplace. Everything (consumables, equipment, materials, broken utensils, etc.) that is not/yet relevant, not/yet necessary for an area's operation must be separated from the necessary and discarded. discarded or removed from the site of manufacture.
  • SEITON (Arrangement): Arrangement is the most efficient arrangement of items in the work area. S2's general rule is that each necessary item has its own designated location and clearly visible markings.
  • SEISO (Clean): This is the process of keeping the workplace, machinery, equipment, tools, or areas surrounding the workplace clean in order to ensure the environment and beauty of the workplace.
  • SEIKETSU (Care): Care is defined as the systematic maintenance and standardization of the first three S (Seri, Seiton, and Seiso). To ensure that 3S is maintained, standards that specify the scope of each individual's 3S responsibilities, as well as how and how frequently 3S should be implemented at each location, can be established.
  • SHITSUKE (Ready): This activity aims to organize, direct people in planning how to maintain standards that are carried out on a regular basis, raise a sense of personal discipline, and make money subject to strict compliance with workplace regulations. Employees' self-consciousness toward 5S activities reflects their willingness.

Although Thang Loi Co., Ltd is not a pioneer in 5S work, it has created a company model that is admired by friends and colleagues for its aesthetic standards - science.

The 5S Steering Committee in Thang Loi is responsible for developing and directing the implementation of programs and regulations on 5S practice in the Company's departments and workshops, as well as implementing training activities, organizing inspections, and evaluating 5S implementation. Simultaneously, provide forms of emulation and reward for collectives and individuals who achieve good results in 5S practice, and promote the improvement movement more optimal methods for the Company. Initially, when the 5S program was not implemented and applied, all items, furniture, and equipment were not properly arranged, and science was lacking. However, with the advice of the Steering Committee, everything has been reasonably arranged, with a more aesthetic mindset. All unnecessary items are removed, and recyclable items are brought out for reuse. The ideation and implementation process ensures that the "Saving - Reasonable" target set by the Company's Board of Directors is met from the start.



5S model at Thang Loi Co., Ltd    Hiệu quả mô hình 5S