With wisdom, creativity, application of science and technology and constant efforts, Thang Loi Co., Ltd. strives to become the leading enterprise in Vietnam as well as in the region in the field of high alloy steel casting.

Thang Loi Co., Ltd branded VICO to become a symbol for the belief in quality, perfect service of Vietnamese products in the international market!


For employees: Create stable income, development opportunities, safe, dynamic, creative, professional and effective working environment.

For customers: Trusthworthy partner along with customer's path of development.

For market: Providing products with international quality, contributing to creating a fair competition domestic and foreign markets. In addition to quality, in each product, service, there are humanistic cultural messages, in order to satisfy the needs of customers.

For society: Create value for society, contribute to economic improvement in the region, actively contribute to community-oriented activities, demonstrate responsibility for social issues.

Core values:

“ People – Heart – Exploration – Wisdom –Trust”

People: Thang Loi Co., Ltd considers people as the center of sustainable development. Create the best environment for the ability, creativity and aspiration to conquer the peak in each person.

Heart: Thang Loi Co., Ltd. puts "Heart" as the sustainable foundational value for all relationships, customers, employees, leaders, etc., built on the spirit of humanity and maintaining ethics.

Exploration: Explore thinking, embrace technology, create a foundation for creativity and understand the quintessence of humanity.

Wisdom: Thang Loi Co., Ltd always upholds the spirit of learning, taking wisdom and knowledge as strength, considering it as the root for development.

Trust: Thang Loi Co., Ltd puts "Trust" on the top, protects and takes it as the brand value for the business. Always do your best to ensure and keep your commitments.