Thang Loi Co., Ltd. aspires to be the leading firm in Vietnam and the region in the field of high alloy steel casting through wisdom, innovation, the application of science and technology, and consistent efforts.

Thang Loi Co., Ltd branded VICO to become a symbol for Vietnamese products' belief in quality and excellent service in the international market!


For employees: Create a stable income, development opportunities, a safe, dynamic, creative, professional, and effective working environment

For customers: Trustworthy partner on the customer's development path.

For market: Provide international-quality products and contributing to the creation of fair competition in domestic and international markets. In addition to quality, each product and service includes humanistic cultural messages to meet the needs of customers.

For society: Create value for society, contribute to regional economic improvement, participate actively in community-oriented activities, and demonstrate social responsibility.

Core values:

“ People – Heart – Exploration – Wisdom –Trust”

People: Thang Loi Co., Ltd believes that people are at the heart of long-term development. Create the best environment for each person's ability, creativity, and aspiration to reach their peak.

Heart: Thang Loi Co., Ltd. views "Heart" as the long-term foundational value for all relationships, customers, employees, leaders, and so on, based on the spirit of humanity and ethics.

Exploration: Explore thinking, embrace technology, lay the groundwork for creativity, and comprehend the essence of humanity.

Wisdom: Thang Loi Co., Ltd has always embraced the spirit of learning, viewing wisdom and knowledge as sources of strength and the foundation for growth.

Trust: Thang Loi Co., Ltd prioritizes "Trust" and protects it as the business's brand value. Make every effort to ensure and keep your commitments.