Composition of fire resistant coating for lost foam casting

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 10/04/2023

Refractory aggregate, carrier (solvent), suspending agent, binder, and other additives are included in the fire-resistant coating for lost foam casting.

Refractory material. It serves as the foundation of the lost foam casting coating. Its functions include heat insulation, isolation, preventing sand adhesion, and lessening casting surface roughness. In lost foam casting coating, its mass fraction is typically greater than 50%, and it primarily consists of refractory materials like zircon powder, bauxite, talc, brown corundum powder, quartz powder, Laishi powder, and mica powder. Under normal circumstances, various refractory mineral materials are chosen based on the various casting materials. Additionally, high air permeability and sand sticking prevention should be considered.In actual production, a specific number of spherical particles are typically chosen because particle shape determines that it is more conducive to improving air permeability. This is more conducive to the discharge of gas after the sample model is gasified by a high-temperature molten metal solution.

Carrier (solvent). The main ingredients in the casting coating carrier are ethanol and water. It is necessary to take into account hanging coating, gas generation, drying, price, and other aspects for the fire-resistant coating of lost foam casting, and use water as its carrier, which is known as a water-based coating. In addition, water-based coatings have generally good and adjustable suspension and thixotropy.

Binder. The strength and adhesion of the lost foam casting coating are significantly influenced by the binder in the refractory coating used in lost foam casting. It enhances the refractory coating's strength and hanging qualities as well as its suspension qualities. It also improves the mold coating's adhesion and prevents pattern reaction.