High chromium cast iron grinding ball

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 12/04/2023

High chromium cast iron grinding ball is widely used in grinding ball mills. The grinding ball of high chromium cast iron is chosen from high chromium white cast iron, with a mass fraction of chromium that ranges from 10% to 13%. The majority of them use the iron mold sand coating production method and perform the oil quenching+tempering heat treatment process. The addition of chromium improves the hardenability and hardness of high-chromium cast iron grinding balls. High chromium grinding balls are frequently used and well-recognized in the cement and metallurgical mining industries. It features the following things:

1) High hardness: Based on domestic mine production experience with high chromium grinding balls, these balls' surface hardness typically exceeds HRC56 and their impact toughness is less than 3 J/cm2.

2) High cost: Compared to low chromium grinding balls, the cost is significantly higher due to the addition of a significant amount of chromium alloy.

High chromium grinding balls have harder surfaces than low chromium grinding balls, and they also have better toughness than low chromium cast iron balls.

The chromium element lost during grinding cannot be recycled and is released into nature through tailings. High chromium alloy elements are not the best choice for grinding ball materials from the standpoint of global resource preservation and the potential for future chromium alloy price fluctuations on the market, as this product has a long industrial application and high consumption.