Manufacturing technology of bucket teeth of excavator

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 12/01/2023

Bucket teeth are generally installed at the front end of the excavator bucket and are cantilever members. The bucket teeth are composed of a shovel head, a shovel seat and an annular clip. Bucket teeth are in direct contact with ore, sand, rock and other materials. When contacting materials, it bears both impact and bending moment. In the working process, the tip of bucket teeth is subjected to strong impact, sliding abrasive wear, and various furrows, deformation, surface wear or falling off often appear on the surface of the tip. Therefore, the bucket tooth handle must have sufficient strength and toughness, and the tip of the bucket tooth must have good wear resistance in order to make the bucket tooth durable.

(1) By controlling the composition of multi-element alloyed cast steel and molding the core with resin sand, the as cast structure and surface roughness of the casting meet the requirements.

(2) The wear resistance and toughness of multi-element alloyed cast steel bucket teeth after heat treatment are better than those of imported bucket teeth.

(3) Using multi-element alloyed cast steel bucket teeth to replace imported bucket teeth and domestic high manganese steel bucket teeth can obtain remarkable economic benefits.