Advantages of lost foam casting in casting process

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 05/04/2023

When polystyrene foam is used to make white molds, it has a very low density and requires very little labor from the workers. When temperatures are normal, the foam material won't harm people or the environment. Additionally, achieving cleaner production is simple.

The lost foam casting process is much simpler to create molds for than the conventional casting method because it does not require the production of core. The handling volume of the white mold and yellow mold between processes is also small, which significantly reduces the labor intensity. The post-treatment process for the sand used in casting is also straightforward. It is simple to realize mechanized and automatic production in the handling and processing of white mold.

Dry sand modeling is used because it has good fluidity and can replace sand mixing processes and equipment while also significantly reducing noise and dust production, saving older sand recovery methods and equipment.

The production of the core is not used in the lost foam casting process. The refractory coating on the blank's outer surface is easily removable, and the precision of the blank casting created by this method is relatively high. By doing this, cleaning during the final stage of blank production is made simple, and operator labor requirements are reduced.

The amount of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other waste gases produced during the EPC process is minimal. A small amount of waste gases, such as carbon monoxide and dioxide, are produced during the pouring process as a result of the white mold material being thermally decomposed and gasified by the high temperature of the molten metal. These gases can be effectively treated during the vacuum pumping process.