Application scope of lost foam casting

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 07/03/2023

1. Alloys

In theory, any metal that can be cast can be used for lost foam casting. Lost foam casting can cast any metal material commonly used in the foundry workshop, according to production practice. Lost foam casting technology is currently used primarily in China for the casting of gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, special cast iron, aluminum alloy, special cast steel, low carbon steel, ordinary carbon steel, and stainless steel.

According to production practice, ductile iron castings with high melting points poured by lost foam casting technology not only have no flash and burr on the surface, but also rarely have sand sticking, which is easy to clean, and the surface quality is significantly higher than that of sand castings.

2. Applications

The magnetic spacing limits the size of the casting in sand casting because the size of the magnetic pole directly determines the size of the sandbox. The size of the sandbox limits the size of castings in lost foam casting technology. Sandboxes of varying sizes can be placed on the same shaking table, allowing lost foam casting technology to pour castings of varying sizes. However, due to the low strength of the foam pattern, the uneven dry sand flow during vibration compaction is easily deformed, making the casting of large profile castings difficult. Taking all of these factors into account, casting with a pouring weight of no more than 2T and a wall thickness of no more than 2mm is recommended.

Starting with the process characteristics, lost foam casting technology is especially suitable for castings with complex structures and difficult parting modeling because there is no need to consider structural process problems related to the casting parting surface, draft angle, and core. As a result, lost foam casting offers a new method of production for castings that are difficult to separate, take mold, and lower core in traditional sand casting. The more significant the economic benefits and advantages of lost foam casting are for castings with more complex structures, larger machining allowances, and more sand cores.