Low chromium cast iron grinding ball

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 22/03/2023

The low chromium cast iron grinding ball is made of low chromium white cast iron. The chromium content is typically 1% to 3%, and the iron mold casting process is used. Because of its simple manufacturing process, low alloy content, and low requirements for worker skills and production conditions, low chromium cast iron grinding balls are relatively inexpensive.

Low chromium cast iron grinding balls continues to have a market share, owing to their low price and a market for small mills with low-performance requirements. However, it has some flaws, the most notable of which are:

- Low hardness, low toughness, and excessive wear. HRC 45 low chromium grinding ball hardness, impact toughness 2 J/cm2; According to annual wear statistics from domestic concentrators, the average wear of low chromium cast iron grinding balls in nonferrous alloy copper ores is 0.8 kg/t1.0 kg/t, with high wear.

- It is easily broken and deformed. Because the low chromium cast iron grinding ball has a low hardness, it is quickly out of round, has a high crushing rate, and is easily blocked, the grinding efficiency is significantly reduced, as shown in the figure.

- Low chromium grinding balls still contain a certain amount of chromium. The complete disappearance of chromium accompanies the consumption of grinding balls.