Thang Loi Co,Ltd - a spotlight in Vietnam's casting industry

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 30/12/2019

    Return to Nam Dinh in a sunny summer afternoon, we returned to the homeland of the textile land.Nam Dinh has put on changes from an ancient city, a long-standing traditional industry, to industrial parks. Speaking of Nam Dinh, we can't forget the traditional craft villages that have become trademarks such as wooden furniture village La Xuyen , bronze casting village Y Yen ... where have entered the industrial map of Vietnam. Thanks to that foundation, new companies were born, inherited and promoted. We visit Thang Loi VICO Co., Ltd. - a clear demonstration of these inheritances and promotions, when the Vietnamese industry is still looking for a new path. We were amazed by the machines, the factories here.


Thang Loi Co., Ltd. in the foundation day

Established in 1998, with high-alloy steel casting industry, inheriting the experiences from the past, along with the passion to explore new technologies, Thang Loi Co., Ltd currently owns the considered most advanced today vacuum casting line and Lost Foam technology.


City leaders visit the company

Undergoes many ups and downs and fluctuations, the company now creates jobs for more than 200 workers, with the main market being the supplier of casting materials and equipment for the cement, mining, thermal power industries... Especially with the efforts, the company is currently exporting to some "high demand" markets such as the US, Canada, Japan...

With desire to improve competitiveness and bring the Vietnamese brand to the world, with the passion for creativity and the motto: "WIN & WIN", VICO has shown us more confidence in the return of a city with the largest textile industry in Indochina back in the day. In the middle of the ancient city of Nam Dinh, we find dynamism, youth and new breath for Vietnam's foundry industry. And we hope, once by chance in your country, I happen to see VICO, see the colors of the flag, the colors of the shirt, and proud of the word "Vietnam".