Problems of sand casting industry

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 14/02/2023

Sand casting is the foundation of the industry and holds an indispensable position. Sand casting is used in a wide range of products, including high-end industrial machinery and equipment, aerospace aircraft and marine equipment, auto parts, engineering machinery, and even everyday necessities. However, the traditional sand casting method is a labor-intensive industry with a poor working environment and a high environmental impact. With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, they began to favor the pursuit of spiritual needs while ensuring basic material needs, and began to pay attention to whether the working environment is conducive to physical health, whether the work they are engaged in has a certain technical content, and so on. When it comes to choosing a career, young people are more concerned with the working environment. As a result, the traditional sand mold foundry generally suffers from a labor shortage, difficult recruitment, and difficult retention, among other issues. Changing the traditional sand casting environment and improving employee working conditions has become common issue in the sand casting industry.

Customized and personalized demand has now become the norm in social development. The multi-variety, small-batch production mode has become increasingly common. The demand-driven supply mode has emerged as the primary means for businesses to pursue sustainable development. With rising management costs, a large backlog and inventory will place a significant burden on businesses, resulting in a sharp decline in capital utilization and a sharp decline in enterprise flexibility. As a result, it is critical to leverage emerging technologies to promote enterprise transformation and upgrading. Sand casting enterprises, as an industrial base, must transform quickly in order to maintain their vitality and competitiveness.

The sand casting industry has become one of the major industries concerned by state and local governments as awareness of ecological environment protection has grown and relevant environmental protection policies have been implemented. To control existing pollution, various sand mold casting enterprises invest heavily in environmental protection equipment in response to national policy. This method of rectification is expensive and belongs to the mode of pollution first and then treatment. It only serves to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause in the traditional sand mold casting industry. The path to clean sand mold casting and sustainable development must also be taken by the sand mold casting industry.