Production test of bucket teeth of excavator

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 22/02/2023

The improper operation during the grinding process resulted in cracks in the inner groove of the square hole of the shovel head, and the fracture occurred less than 2 hours after the loading test, due to problems in the size matching of the inner cavity of the shovel head of the bucket tooth part that began trial production. The fitting size is then improved. The test results show that the performance is satisfactory, exceeding the service life of high manganese steel bucket teeth.

For a long time, relevant people at home and abroad have been concerned about the wear resistance and manufacturing technology of excavator bucket teeth. Although some technological advances have been made, they are still insufficient to meet the needs of users. Such as reducing bucket tooth replacement times and increasing bucket tooth durability. The market hopes for a bucket tooth that can not only withstand hard material wear but also strong impact. To meet the needs of users, we must conduct additional research and improve.

Each excavator must replace 3-5 sets of shovel heads and annular clips per week, depending on the construction conditions and service environment. A set of imported bucket teeth costs about 1.5 times as much as a set of domestic bucket teeth. Domestic alloy steel bucket teeth have twice the service life of imported bucket teeth and four times the service life of high manganese steel under the same conditions. Its comprehensive economic benefits are relatively significant due to its long service life, which extends the replacement cycle, improves machine operation rate, and reduces worker labor intensity.