Vacuum Casting System

Posted by Vico Casting Export Company Limited at 30/12/2019

Vacuum casting technology is the leading modern and advanced casting technology in Vietnam today with many outstanding advantages compared to traditional methods.

Vacuum casting technology : a modern and newer technology than traditional methods.


1. Preparation

a. Pattern making

– Cut styrofoam to make mold

– Attach the foam mold to the beans

– Paint the mold with a layer of special paint (anti-collapse when sand is inserted, heat resistent)

– Dry the paint layer

b. Metallurgy

– Mix steel materials with additives and load into the furnace

2. Molding

– Put the mold in the sandbox
– Pour the melted ingredients into the mold through mold funnels
– Vacuum to make the mold firm
– Wait for solidification
– Remove the product from the sandbox to cool and clean (with a shot blasting machine to clean the surface paint on the product)

Vacuum Casting Process

3. Quenching

– The product is moved to a heat treatment furnace after casting
4. Machining, finishing
– Remove product from mold
– Grind, polish products or processing, turning
– Put in warehouse
5. Experiment
– Products are tested during production to determine the mechanical properties of the product, analyze the grain texture inside the product (by a modern spectrometer).

Advantages of vacuum casting technology  : High-precision casting that greatly reduces the need for additional processing after the casting process, reduces ollution, and reduces the cost of consuming raw materials when making molds.

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